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Austin area, TX

Amplifier and Guitar

Do you want to learn how to play guitar?

Tony Vineberg
Guitar Lessons
offers both
online lessons
tailored to your personal goals










Call: 512.305.3233

Text: 702.570.0433




1 HOUR $68

45 MINS $51

30 MINS $34


Tony Vineberg has played with 

Sebastian Bach

Randy Brecker 

Joshua Redman 

Peter Erskine 

Mark Turner

Antonio Hart 

Eliane Elias

Jay Anderson 

Carlos Oliva 

Camilo Valencia

Ensemble members of 

Count Basie

Frank Sinatra 

Ray Charles 

Tommy Dorsey 

Lionel Hampton 

Judy Garland 

Julio Iglesias

Andy Williams

Robin Gibb,

Tito Puente 

Maynard Furgeson,

Chuck Mangione 

Lou Rawls 

Celia Cruz 

K.C. & the Sunshine Band 

Jennifer Lopez 

Cèline Dion 


Ricky Martin 

Daniela Mercury 

Miami Sound Machine 

James Brown 

& other

Grammy, Billboard, and Emmy artists.  

About Tony Vineberg Guitar Lessons

Our Services

Guitar lessons in the Austin, TX area and online. Build a solid foundation and reach personal goals. Develop guitar technique, gain harmonic knowledge, understand rhythm, and improvisation skills. Learn to read and notate music. 

Learn the musical styles you want. Acquire a practical understanding of theory and how it’s used in styles. Your choice of artists. Songs and solos that are right for where you’re at. 

For ages 8 and up. Learn in-person or online.

Man with Guitar

I am an "older" male person, who took lessons with Tony for about three years. They were intensive lessons of 3-4 hours a session every Sunday. Tony 's manner is very direct, and passionate, and he expects the same from his students. Frankly speaking, I did not realize how much I had actually learned, and how much i had absorbed, until after the lessons had to stop because of my work commitment. Tony pushes you because he wants you to succeed; his teaching method is comprehensive and measurable. If you are serious about being a musician or even about learning the joy of understanding what music can be, then he is the teacher for you.

Mark Bassel

Tony is a phenomenal "teacher"! There are people who go through the motions and then there are teachers. He sincerely cares about the success of his students. His patience is so valuable to me. When I decided to quite saying I wish I knew more about music and how to play, I was so lucky to have found his ad in a Summerlin newsletter. His many years of experience playing for grammy award winning artists, teaching students of all ages on all different kinds of musical instruments, his knowledge and massive ongoing education for himself, is a real gift toy want to plat this student. In addition to learning how to play correctly and understanding what I am playing, I have also learned music theory and how to write music on a FREE software program. No matter what level you want to play at, or what style, Tony is your teacher. I'd give him 10 stars if I could.

Debbie Keller

Tony taught me guitar for a few years and I can say that for anybody that wants to improve their guitar skills, Tony is the guy. His methodical approach to musical theory and exercises for building up chops are essential. As long as you are willing to work hard, Tony will help you to improve no matter what style of music you want to play.

James Thorpe

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